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double shawls hijab tutorial #1 by さらさら~  (sarah tauhid)
this is the base.please read more in my blog, magensaa


Assalamualaykum Ladies :)

alhamdulillah so many positive respon for the chiffon shawl tutorial :) , now i will give you another tutorial which is you may apply it on your shawl cotto, chiffon shawl or even saten shawl.. just need your innard, shawl, pin and of course brooch :p

step by step
1. find the edge of your shawl
2. put at your top head in the transverse direction
3. give a safety pin
4. brought the longs side to the other side

hijab tutorial
5. take the long side to the top of the head
6. ensure neat, like a turban shape on the middle
7. if necessary, give a pin so as not to move
8. bend to the inside, trim it (if necessary, u can pin them again)

9. pull through below of the chin
10. take it up again, make sure the neat
11. give a pin
12. take it to the side of the shoulder, attach your favorite brooch

thank you for watching :)
alhamdulillah we are done.. it's simple but looks different:)

Thank you for watching, share to your friends, may be useful for you all,…


Tutorial for ponytail hijab
Tutorial for ponytail hijab ^___^

Assalamualykum, it’s another tutorial for instant hijab yah.. ^____^ get try..

another ponytail hijab tutorial ^___^
another ponytail hijab tutorial ^___^

Hellow this called Harajuku Hijab... ^__^ an this is how to use..
Hellow this called Harajuku Hijab… ^__^ an this is how to use..

and this is Harajuku but 2 tone tutorial ^__^v
and this is Harajuku but 2 tone tutorial ^__^v

tutorial for Shawl Turban ^___^
tutorial for Shawl Turban ^___^

Hope it’s more easy for you, Let’s inspire another.. ^_____________^


assalamualaykum beauty… ^_______^

meet again at my hijab tutorial, now i want to share a simply hijab tutorial by using Paris Hijab or we often called Jilbab Paris.. Maybe you have a question on your head, such as :
” i already have many Paris Hijab, and now everybody using shawl, how do i look stylish with Paris Hijab?’
these one of hijab paris style that can be use for your daily acivity..

1. use your ninja neatly
2. put your scarf in the middle, the two sides of equal length
3. pull to one side
4. secure by a pin

5. drag it to the top side of your needle , secure again with safety pin
6. See photos, pinned the needle at a designated place
7. Take your brooche
8. Pull the veil behind your ears, and put the brooche

9. Twist the dangle side
10. alhamdulillah we are done ..

hijab tutorial with pasminah kerut and one brooch by me :)

Hi dear, I'll show you my 1st first hijab tutorial. This is my favourite ones for daily, very easy & simple even with the closed eyes, LOL...
Let's start!!!

1. Wear your headdress (inner ninja)
2. Put your pashmina over your head. I used jumputan pashmina 'Dian Pelangi', make the one side is shorter than the other
3. Take the longer side to the back of head and make sure that the shorter side is in front of the longer
4. Then secure it with pin
5. Last part, take some part of the shorter side to side of the head
6. Secure it with pin and we're done!


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