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langkah pertama : ambil bagian yang lebih pendek dari pashmina lalu kaitkan dengan ciput dibagian samping menggunakan bross kecil..

langkah kedua : setelah di kaitkan dengan bross sisa dari bagian yang pendek dari pashmina tersebut di taruh ke belakang...

langkah ketiga : bagian yang panjang dari pashmina di kebelakangkan dan dibuat agak longgar (tidak mencekik leher)....

langkah keempat : lalu putar kembali ke arah depan sehingga menjadi seperti memakai syal..

taraaaaaa........................................... jadi seperti ini....:)

Tutorial : Nurul's Hijab Style

Step 1
Wear your favorite bandana. Fold the scarf in half, corner to corner.

Step 2
Place scarf over your head with both sides at an equal length.
The ends of the scarf should be hanging off the sides of your head.

Step 3
Wrap the tail of the scarf around your head. Lay the folded scarf in front of your neck.

Step 4
Tie two side corners together into a bowline knot, tighten and fan out the pleats.

Voila.. it's the Bowline Drape Scarf Style.

Hijab Tutorial : Scarf Waving-Malabis Moslem

You need : rectangle scarf / light material pashmina, and a beautiful accessories (brooches)

Step 1
Place your rectangle scarf / light material pashmina half way over your head,with both sides of different lengths, one side is longer

Hijab Tutorial : Scarf Waving-Malabis Moslem
Step 2
both sides tied at the back of the neck, head

Hijab Tutorial : Scarf Waving-Malabis Moslem
Hijab Tutorial : Scarf Waving-Malabis Moslem

Step 3
Grab one side of the scarf,pin the scarf close to your ear.

Hijab Tutorial : Scarf Waving-Malabis Moslem

Hijab Tutorial : Scarf Waving-Malabis Moslem

Step 4
Lay the folded scarf in front of your neck, then pull it over your head.

Hijab Tutorial : Scarf Waving-Malabis Moslem

Hijab Tutorial : Scarf Waving-Malabis Moslem

 And This is it ... My Waving Scarf Style

Hijab Tutorial : Scarf Waving-Malabis Moslem

Hijab Tutorial - Lacey Shawl

Salaam All,

this time i'd like to post my lacey shawl style, this shawl size is 177cm x 65cm and the material is elastic lace so it will fit perfectly on your head like an inner scarf, you just pull back the shawl if you feel it's starting look mess on the curve.

A bit of Hijab Tutorial tips:

To keep your scarf/shawl safe from the pin, you may slip on a beads first before use it OR you can make a tiny cotton ball and slip in on to the pin like below picture.

pin with tiny cotton ball

you may use the inner scarf or not
put the shawl on your head and pin it on the chin
one side is longer than the other side

Take the long part
stretch it first before you round it to your head
make sure it tightly rounded

Slip in the edge of rounded shawl into your chin
make sure it is tight and put a lovely brooch

Take the short part of shawl and pin it to your shoulder
adjust the front side shawl as you like
(you may make it short or long)
Tadaaa...Finish (^^,)

here's the look of side and back

Easy isn't? have a nice may also use other shawl for this style.

Herewith the entire outfit for today :

cotton flowery dress
spandex body suit
Lacey Shawl
Love this bracelet, i wear it often
somehow it can match with any outfit i wear perfectly

Hijab tutorial : Satin Scarf

  • place your scarf on your head ( make sure that your scarf is soft enough)
  • pin on top ( see the picture)
  • grab one side, fold it

  • then pin it behind your ear (make sure that you pin it all at once to your inner in order to make it tight)
  • then do the same thing for the other side 
  • and it will look like this

  • grab one side to cover your neck and place it behind your ear
  • this is it, you’re done!
happy trying ^^

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