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Hijab tutorial

Hijab tutorial

As many of my friends asking about how i warp my hijab, here;s the simple tutorial that i would like to share

1. pin your scarf at the back let the one side long a little bit, and let the other side short
2. roll the short one ( see in the picture)

3. put the roll on the hair bun
      4.and it will be like this ( see the picture)
5. grab the long side, bring to the other side to cover your neck and pin it

6.both left and right sides will be look like this

and the final touch will be like this.. you can also grab your earing and brooch to make it pretty 

happy trying!

Tutorial 2- Oblique

Salam sisters,

We are sorry that we haven't brought you any tutorials, we've been busy with studies. Here is an easy tutorial which shows you how to put your shawl in less than 1 minute. All you need is a wide headband, a shawl and some pins. You can ofcox accessorize it with brooches or bow ties. Lets begin!
1. Put on your headband. Pin one end of your shawl to your headband. Make sure it is oblique so that one side of the headband can be seen more than the other side. You can adjust the shawl depending on how much of the headband you want to show.

2. Now bring the hijab down your chin and wrap it around you head. Make sure the headband can be seen on one side. 

 3. Now secure it on both the sides with pins.

 4. Wrap the remaining part of the hijab once again over your head, and pin it firmly to the side.
5. And tada! It is done! You can always choose a wider shawl if you want to cover more. 
Do you like this style? Or do you have a specific style you want us to do for you?  If so let us know.

Tutorail 3: Layers and Volume

Here is our 3rd hijab tutorial, with lots of layers, volume and coverage. Adding layers is a simple way to make your hijab look beautiful yet not over-the-top. Okey lets skip the talk and begin :)
Step 1
Put your headband on,place the shawl with one end longer than the other. The shorter end is for covering your chest and the other for the back.So adjust the length accordingly.
Pin it behind as shown in the picture. A safety pin will be better than using a normal pin, as the name says it all.

Step 2
Now grab the shawl and pin it under your chin. You may skip step 1 and start with this if you prefer.

Step 3
Now create as many folds as u want and secure them with pins on both sides

Step 4
Then take the shorter end and secure it to cover the chest.

Step 5
Take the longer end, wrap over your head and secure.

Step 6
Now adjust and voila, you're done!

Here is the final result; voluminous and neat.

Hope you like this, we certainly do love layers :)

Stethescope/Ear-rings Friendly Hijab Tutorial

Here is another Hijab tutorial which you can pull on for any occasion.
Using a steth can be a nightmare for a hijabi at times. With this style, a steth can be easily used without pulling your hair off or ruining your hijab. This style is dedicated for all the hijabi docs as well as those who love ear rings :)
In this tutorial we used a bead band to bring an egde to the plain pashmina.

First put on the bead band, then  the headband and  place the pashmina with one end longer than the other.

Now take both the ends and pin it behind.

Place the bead band.
Now take the short end and secure it near the ear.
Take the longer end and wrap around your head.

Now secure with pins on both sides.

Adjust the folds in the front and back.

Here is the final look.

Close-up of the beads.
We hope you like this style :)

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