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Cara Pakai Jilbab Ala Zaskia Adya Mecca

Tampil cantik di pelaminan dengan jilbab akses bunga lili seperti Zaskia Mecca ini bisa di pertimbangkan jika sobat sekalian belum menemukan Ide yang cocok buat pelaminan sobat sekalian.

Tutorial - Reversible Hijab

Assalamualaikum ladies,

Some of our customers eventually become our friends and Dini Puspitasari is one of them. Dini is very creative and she shares her Hijab Tutorial in her blog. It's our great pleasure to share it with you all! Visit her blog here.

  1. Wear your inner
  2. Wear your shawl with one side longer
  3. Pull the long side shawl to the back of your neck to the other side and take it out
  4. You can secure it with pin or not
  5. Now the whole shawl is in one side
  6.  Pull the long side shawl to the top of your head
  7.  Secure it with your favorite pin
  8. Pull the rest of your shawl and tuck under the short side shawl
  9. Wrinkle your shawl, for about half of its length, to make the top like a balloon and secure it with pin 

KIVITZ Hijab Tutorial : Pashmina


Halloo, here comes my first hijab style tutorial. Some friends have asked for it, so here you go..! :D

Happy trying, hijabees...



Punya kerudung paris segi empat tidak melulu identik dengan gaya yang membosankan. Now it’s time to break the pattern dengan mempraktekkan gaya Paris Simplicity ini. Psssttt, langkah-langkahnya mudah banget!
Paris Simplicity ; hijab tutorial by Lala Purwono
Mudah dan sangat praktis, bukan? Mau bergaya lebih berani dan berwarna-warni? Coba ganti paris segi empatmu dengan koleksi paris motif LaPietz. Cari di kategori Paris Motif Segi Empat, ya… have fun, happy shopping!

HijabTutorial- Embrace the Winter [hijab with volume]

Winter is perfect for us hijabi's, you can layer your clothes and your hijab. 
People wear more clothes not less and you don't keep getting asked 'Don't you feel hot in that?' 
This easy peasy volume hijab style is great to keep you warm but looking cool.

For this style you will need:

  •  1 Scarf which has a big width;
  • At least 1 hijab pin;
  • 1 brooch or no snag hijab pin (optional).
Step 1 

Fold the scarf 2 inches from the edge and place the hijab on your head with one side longer than the other

(an underscarf keeps the hijab more secure but you can do this style without it if you feel your going to get too hot)

Frame your face.

Step 2

Take the long side to the opposite side of your face and over your head.

Step 3

Whilst taking the scarf over your head make some folds. (Don't try to make it neat and all the folds the same size. It's supposed to be messy folds)

Step 4

Keep hold of the folds and bring them round your head and back to where you started.

Step 5

Lift up the outermost fold and keep the rest pressed down firmly against your head.

Step 6

Pin down the folds, where you were holding them down to keep them secure.

Step 7

If you want to keep your hijab very secure (e.g. on a windy day) place a brooch or a no snag hijab pin where the loose parts of your scarf come together at the front.

Step 8

Make sure you check the back of your hijab as you may have created too many folds and therefore not get proper back coverage.

If you realise that you don't have enough back coverage undo one or two folds and pull the back of the scarf down.

Step 9

Check how your hijab looks in the mirror. Even though I said the folds are supposed to be messy, you don't want to look like you got dressed in the dark so just fix up the scarf until your satisfied.

Step 10

Put on your cardigan, hoodie, winter coat or whatever you wear to keep you warm and your ready to face the freezing cold winter with a smile.

The style is even great for indoors (if your not wearing an underscarf). You can loosen the scarf a little bit (without exposing your neck) to get some ventilation.

NOTE: Try not to tie your bun/hair up too high as although you want volume and folds, you definitely do not want a camel hump.

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  1. makasih ya ..
    tutorialnya sangat membantu sekali untuk pembaca lainnya...
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