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Hijab Tutorial #1 (Basic)

Assalmualikum... :)
Today, I will show you a hijab tutorial ..
Because yesterday I had promised to show the way to you ..
This is the basic way of wearing a rectangular scarf ..
let's get started ..

1. Wear a bandana / inner that you like, make sure your hair is neatly closed. Like the previous post in my blog.. 

2. Folding a rectangular scarf  become a triangle.

3. Put the scarf on your head, and make sure both sides at the same length

4. Fold both sides of the shape of your face and secure with safety pins

5. Take the left side of the scarf to the right shoulder and secure with safety pins
6. Do the same thing like the first one and secure with your favorite brooch

7. Finish and you're ready for action

Thank you for reading..
And always check my blog, becoz insyallah i'll post another tutorial..

-Hijab Tutorial Kreasi Sakinah Modern-

Hijab Tutorial - Basic Mimi Daily Hijab

Salaam All,

As some request trough my twitter
@sakinah_butiqfa  i will post the tutorial of my daily hijab style.

Basically it is very simple because i don't like a complicate style for daily activities (e.g working etc).

Here with my basic style using square hijab/scarves:

Square Hijab from the drawer
Iron the hijab so no more line on it

Wear your fave inner scarf (me wear nothing under the scarf)
Flip the scarf into triangle,
put it gently on your head and adjust with your face
then put the edge on your chin

Take some of the scarf from side (near your ear) both left and right
put the edge together under the chin, and pin it

Viola this is the foundation of my hijab style
you need to make the basic style very neat from the beginning
because it will stay just like that for the rest of the day (InsyaAllah)

twist the scarf in front side a cross the right and left
a tip for a slim neck : pull your scarf until it straight then turn in to the back side of you neck
then tight it on the back of your neck,
you can make a bow, or use brooch, or hair clip to tighten it

finish? not yet some detail are important to do

pull up the top of your clothes under the scarf
pin it and adjust the scarf around your neck so it looks tidy and comfortable on your neck
put a lovely brooch to keep the scarf on the position

finish with the detail
and if you see your hijab curves is a bit mess you can instantly make it perfect again by pull backward the side of scarf that you pin together under your chin
Now ready to go (^^,)

A tip - base on my experiences : It is better we spare sometimes to wear the hijab so it neat from the beginning and steady for whole day rather than you wear it in hurry and you have to fix it again and again :)

Have a nice try...

Selamat Mencoba...


Kepang Cantik ala Lala Purwono
Bingung pilih-pilih gaya yang simpel dan cantik dengan kerudung paris-mu? Lala Purwono punya cara unik mengatasi kebosanan memakai kerudung segi empat yang sering dibilang monoton itu.
Bermodal satu kerudung paris, ninja, dan dua pin, semua masalah beres! :)
Intip langkah-langkahnya, yuk!

Step 1-4
Step 5-8


Masih ragu memadupadan koleksi pasmina bermotifmu dengan baju bermotif kesayanganmu? Oh, hentikanlah segera! Tidak ada salahnya bermain berani dengan motif tabrak asal kamu percaya diri.
Nah, supaya kamu makin percaya diri, coba deh meniru gaya berhijab saya ini. Ada langkah-langkah mudah yang pasti sangat bisa kamu tiru tidak lebih dari 15 menit saja. Ikuti langkahnya dan be bold with your colorful pashmina. Selamat mencoba!
Flower Power; hijab tutorial by Lala Purwono


Mau bergaya santai tapi cantik dengan pasmina?
Modalnya cuman kerudung segitiga, pasmina, pin, dan bros.
Kalo mau gaya, pakai kacamata seperti saya, deh! :)
Langkah-langkah cantiknya seperti ini, ya, Lads..
Langkah 1-4

Step 5-8
Final Steps
Final Steps and you’re ready! Yay!

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